Rebellion Twenty-One GMT

Inspired by steering wheels of the most iconic classic cars and fabricated with the latest technology of the watchmaking world, the Twenty-One is a stunning modern take on classic style. DESCRIPTION At the heart of this new-generation REBELLION watch is an automatic in-house movement. A rotating disc shows the hour while a hand marks the minutes. Two smaller dashboard displays contain the seconds dial and a GMT indicator. The movement is completed with a unique REBELLION finish and a timeless cushion case. With its 42 hours of power reserve, it is the perfect blend of classic car style, fine watchmaking and high-tech processes. MOVEMENT This Swiss made, in-house movement is a true REBELLION creation reminiscent of old-timers, down to the last detail. Automatic. Like the beat of a heart, the oscillations of the movement’s balance wheel keeps time. Inspired by the mechanical counters in classic cars, a complex construction of discs and subdials work together to indicate the time. A rotating hour disc and minute hand work together to display the time while two subdials reveal the seconds and a GMT indicator. Engineered with modern technology, it has a power reserve of 42 hours.

Brand : Rebellion
Design : Fabrice Gonet
Engine : Franck Orny & Johnny Girardin Telos Watch 
Rendering : Fabrice Gonet - Creatorz Deitz
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